Wie is Christiaan Olwagen?
Wie is Christiaan Olwagen? (Who is Christiaan Olwagen?) looks at the absurd nature and purpose of the white Afrikaans youth. Johan, Rachel and Elna are the children of a suburban household. Johan, the youngest and only brother, has been struggling for years with a mental illness where he dissociates uncontrollably and unknowingly. He has two older sisters as role models. Rachel, an obsessive cleaner, and Elna, a grumpy alcoholic, who are always arguing with each other about this or that. First AD: Tana Pistorius Cinematography: Jarred Karp Camera Assistant: Louri Rootman Key Grip: Casey Moura Grip: Cobus van Rensburg, Conrad Prinsloo Continuity: Andre Borman Sound Recordist: Ali R. Sound Assistant: Vincent Anderes Production Designer: Bia Winterbach Sound Editor: Alessandro Turchino, Jandre van Heerden, Zandre Fouche Composers: Alessandro Turchino, JP de Villiers Post-Production Sound Recordist: Jean-Pierre Roux Data Wrangler: Wean Bekker Set Assistants: Marni du Plooy, Eunice Engelbrecht
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